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Mission and Vision

Our Vision:

It is the desire of Farmers and Mechanics Federal (the "institution") to be viewed by our stakeholders as committed to our customers, community, and employees through sound financial management, products, services, and time honored value driven decisions.


For purposes of this plan, stakeholder is defined as those groups and individuals without whose support the organization would cease to prosper and exist. Internally these would include employees, management, and the board of directors. Externally these would include customers, suppliers, regulators, peers, and the people of our local communities.

"Time honored values" will be defined as:

Integrity: speaking and doing what is true and right to our stakeholders

Trust: instilling in our stakeholders the firm belief in the reliability of our word

Loyalty: remaining faithful to our stakeholders interests

Dependability: always providing what is best for our stakeholders

Mission Statement:

The institution seeks to provide competitive, efficient, effective, secure, validated, and established financial products and services to serve our ever changing customer needs. We will leverage proven modern technology to provide flexibility, convenience, and adaptability to our stakeholders.


The institution desires to be the best value provider to our customers and our business partners (including: real estate agents and brokers, other financial organizations, and not-for-profits). Best value will be determined by what is most competitive, dependable, and convenient.

The institution seeks to profitably grow in expanding regional markets. Growth will be defined by increases to our customer base, asset size, market share, visibility, image, and accessibility.

The institution is looking to expand its products and services to better fit its customers' needs.

The institution plans to increase its efficiency. Efficiency will be measured by the following rations: Return on Average Assets (how profitably the institution uses its assets), Return on Equity (how profitably the institution uses its reinvested profits), Efficiency Ratio (the cost of generating each dollar of revenue), and Personnel Expense Ratio (the productivity of the institution's employees).

The institution aims to maintain or improve its various ratings with firms such as Bauer Financial and Banker Rater and with its regulator.

The institution will provide competitive salaries and benefits to its employees, and will encourage them to continue in their professional and personal development.